Pearl In The Grove, Dade City, Fla.

Pearl In The Grove Restaurant, Dade City, Fla: Local Flavor

Dade City, Fla.--Local farm sourced food meets gourmet at Pearl In The Grove Restaurant. Under the ownership of Chef Curtis Beebe and his wife Rebecca, this farm-to-table restaurant really embraces local, trying to source ingredients within 50-miles, whenever they can.

I got introduced to Beebe by Trish Strawn of Growing Synergy LLc. food & beverage distributing. In December 2012, I visited during a photo shoot, and ate some of their dishes for free.

For years, Beebe travelled the world for his IT job, and ate many different types of food. In 2010, he wanted a change in his life and decided to open Pearl In The Grove. He felt he had an advantage over other chefs because he had eaten at so many restaurants.

I asked him why he became a farm-to-table style chef.

He said, “For a guy without any credentials it’s easier to buy local ingredients, do as little as possible to them, and serve.”

Farmers came to the restaurant when they first opened, so the staff did not have to go searching for local ingredients. And farmers continue to come bringing fresh, seasonal produce on a daily basis.

In August 2012, Sous Chef Patrice Murphy, formerly of the Refinery Restaurant in Tampa, came to work for Pearl In The Grove. Murphy has worked over 27 years in the food industry and at many farm-to-table restaurants.



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