Osceola Bistro

Osceola Bistro, Vero Beach, Fla: Local Sourcing, Updated

A gorgeous farm-to-table restaurant exists in Vero Beach, Florida. Owner Chef Christopher Bireley is passionate about sourcing local Florida ingredients. Born in Vero Beach, Bireley travelled the world and the United States, cooking as he went, before returning home to open his restaurant in October 2011.

Some Foodies in West Palm Beach raved about Osceola Bistro and the wonderful food. So, I went to see what all the fuss was about. While there Chef Bireley came out of the kitchen to chat. He was full of smiles and warmth.

“Last year we got peaches from Premier’s farm just north of Ft.Pierce. We had peaches for a month and put them in salads, main dishes, and desserts. It was great,” Bireley said to me as I sat at a cloth covered table in the covered patio area.

There was a water feature a short distance away with colorful pots of fresh herbs ringing it. Suddenly Bireley got up and walked over to a pot of chives. He grabbed a handful and expertly cut them with a pair of scissors. “I use theses herbs and ones from Osceola Organics farm in my food,” he said.

He also grows his own olives from two potted olive trees located on the far wall of the covered patio area. “Last year that one there,” he said pointing to the tree at the back, “produced a huge crop.”

He also sources products from locals like greens from Osceola Organic Farm, and Gibbons Farms Organics, pastured poultry from Crazy Hart Ranch, and seafood from Wild Ocean Seafood Market. “I try to give my guests organic whenever I can. This past month there has been an abundance of organic tomatoes so I’ve included them in my menu.”

I ordered a glass of sweet Florida pink grapefruit juice ($2.50) squeezed that morning by Chef according to the bar tender. Then I got an Osceola Farm Greens salad ($6) with an aromatic in-house-made dressing. It was light, and full of flavor. I followed this with a heavenly delicious bowl of lightly coated deep-fried Florida rock shrimp ($9) served with a bright tarragon aioli sauce.

Osceola Bistro is located opposite the Vero Beach Post Office at 2045 13th Avenue, FL, 32960. Phone: 772-569-1299. They are open every day except Sunday. To find out more go to www.osceolabistro.com



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