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Green, Sustainable, Bed & Breakfast Inns, Southeastern United States

A great way to support the environment is to stay at green bed & breakfast inns. More and more places are embracing green practices like recycling, using LED lighting, and conserving water through low-flow plumbing systems. But some go above and beyond these practices like the ones listed below.

Carnegie Guest House, Davidson, N.C.

Located within the grounds of the green practicing sustainable Davidson College, this guest house sources breakfast ingredients from Davidson College farm and campus, local North Carolina farmers and companies. They also use glass water pitchers and cups instead of plastic bottles. And they compost all their kitchen and food waste.

To find out more you can go to their web page: carnegie-guest-house

Cedar House Inn and Yurts, Dahlonega, GA.

Cedar House Inn & Yurts goes many, many steps beyond most green inns with practices like capturing rain on their roof to water their vegetable garden and 300 some fruit trees, and bushes. They source eggs, cheese, meats, and other ingredients from local farmers and companies.

They use cloth napkins at breakfast, have recycle bins in every room, and even make sculptures out of used glass bottles. They use 100 percent recycled toilet paper and paper towels. They have storm windows and ceiling fans in each room to keep the temperatures controlled and reduce heating and cooling needs.

They put cooked food waste in a solar food composter and vegetable waste in a garden composter. Their yurts have composting toilets. And their property is a certified wildlife preserve.

But these are just a fraction of what Cedar House Inn & Yurts does to save the environment. To find out more you can go to their web page

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