Bradley Farms

Bradley Farms, Mt. Pleasant, Fla.: Vinegar & More

Mt.Pleasant, Fla.--Bradley Farms makes muscadine vinegar the old fashioned way. According to owners Brad Sells and Melanie Niehus, they leave the grapes on the vine as long as they can to increase the sugar content. This makes a better vinegar Sells said.

The first time they made vinegar it sold out quicker than they expected.  Unfortunately this year, when I visited their farm during the New Leaf Cooperative self-driven Farm Tour weekend, there was no vinegar for sale. They did not have time this year but said next year they would. They did have muscadine jellies and jam for sale.

Bradley Farms is a 28-acre homestead in the Pan Handle area of Florida where sheep are raised for their wool, chickens for their eggs, bees for their honey and worms for their composting ability.  The farm practices sustainable methods like organic composting, pasture management and permaculture.

They also grown vegetables organically which they sell at area farmers markets along with home made soap and in-house milled flour breads.

To find out more about them you can go to or call 850-345-1464



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