Crazy Hart Ranch

Crazy Hart Ranch, Fellsmere, Fla: Pastured Poultry & More

Fellsmere, Fla.—Crazy Hart Ranch raises happy poultry for their eggs and meat. The birds have access to sunshine, grass, and edible bugs along with their hormone-free, antibiotic-free food. The 5-acre ranch raises chickens, turkeys and ducks. I met owner Linda Hart recently during the Viva 500 Farm Tour event organized by the Slow Food Gold & Treasure Coastchapter.

Hart said her ranch was the first in Florida to get a license to raise and sell pastured poultry. A dozen or so people were on the tour of her ranch.

The turkey pen, at the back of the ranch, was full of lively birds. “Those two are wild animals. They joined the flock two years ago,” Hart said, pointing at two brown colored hens. She said she didn’t mind because they kept the gene pool diverse.

There was a field of ducks further back on the ranch. All the birds were free range animals with all their flight feathers yet none had ever flown away according to Hart. They laid their eggs in the early morning making collection easier than the eggs from chickens that lay two to three times a day.

She said homeopathic doctors say farm chicken eggs are low in cholesterol and are high in vitamins. Hart added that people who are allergic to chicken eggs can usually eat duck eggs without problems.

Her pastured chickens were on 10-acre piece of property, a few miles from the ranch, where they got plenty of access to sunshine, grass and juicy bugs. “We go to a feed mill in Samsula and have our feed ground fresh and custom mixed to our specs with no antibiotics, hormones, roxarsone, or animal byproducts,” said Hart.

Crazy Hart Ranch sells eggs under the “For Pet Consumption Only” label, and some meat Turkeys, at area markets in the Ft. Pierce and Vero Beach area. To find out more you can go to her website at or call her at 772-913-0036



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