Dragon Fruit Farm, Homestead, Fla.

Homestead, Fla.--Dragon Fruit is a colorful addition to any meal. This Mexican native cacti fruit is also known as Pitaya. It is very juicy and has a mouth feel similar to kiwi fruit because of tiny black seeds. But the flavor varies from bland to tart to slightly sweet.  South Florida grown Pitaya have white or hot pink to red colored flesh surrounded by pink, leathery skin.


It is high in phosphorous, Vitamin C and antioxidants. It is easily peeled and can be eaten raw or put in smoothies or other drinks.


Many stores sell Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) but its always tastiest when bought directly from a farm. And right now it's Pitaya season in South Florida and will be until the end of October.


Recently, I visited Homestead and bought several pounds of delicious hot pink colored and white colored Dragon Fruit from Khemara Farms. I also bought some smaller burgundy-red colored fruit from the Krome Farmers Market.


The Krome location was next to a seven-acre Pitaya farm that grew only the red variety of the fruit.


The Krome Farmers Market is located at 25300 SW Krome (177th) Ave, Homestead FL 33031.

Phone: (305) 245-8868



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