Florida Grown Turmeric, Pahokee

Wellington, Fla.--Turmeric is a spice you don't expect to be growing in Palm Beach County. But at NK Lago Farms LLC that's exactly what they grew this year. It took 10 months to grow. Farmer Nick Larsen was selling it for $5 a pound at the Wellington Green Market this past weekend. "It sells for $10 a pound at Whole Foods," he said. 

His farm in Pahokee, just 30-miles from the market, grows mainly bananas and plantains. But this year he decided to add turmeric. "It didn't have any disease problems or insect problems. I didn't have to fertilize it because of the muck soils. I just had to weed it a bit." 

I asked him if he planned to grow it again, "If it sells well. Yeah," he said. 

Turmeric is in the same family as ginger but it is not as spicy. It has many health benefits because it is high in antioxidants. The internet is full of articles about its ability to fight infections and reduce inflammation. 

It also makes a wonderful earthy tasting, slightly bitter, ingredient in many dishes, especially Asian ones. It can be used fresh or dried. 

Larsen planted a 75-foot row of turmeric that yielded just 16 pounds and he sold every bit of it at the Saturday morning market. 

To learn more about NK Lago Farms or encourage Larsen to grow more Turmeric go to here.



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