Goodness Gracious Acres, Raw Goat Milk

West Palm Beach, Fla.—Are you looking for Florida fresh raw goat milk pet food? Then Goodness Gracious Acres near Loxhatchee is your place. Owner and self proclaimed resident milk-maid Jojo Milano shepherds a flock of 41 goats, 15 of which she milks, on her one and half acre property.

She started her business in 2003. On her website she is quoted at saying, “I love the challenge of dairying and goats in general.”

In February, the Gold & Treasure Coast Slow Food chapter organized a self-driven multiple county farm tour.  I and a dozen or so people descended on Goodness Gracious Acres to pet goats, to take pictures of goats, and to watch goats get milked.

Several kids, both human and goat, played jump the plastic bin, in the closed off front pen. There were numerous free-range chickens, ducks, and geese. She sells the eggs at the Ft. Pierce market under the “For Pet Consumption Only,” label.

As Milano led a Nubian doe (female) goat, by the collar, to be milked she explained how goats were foragers and not grazers like sheep. To make sure the goat stood still while milking she fed it healthy treats.

Milano sells the raw unpasteurized milk under the Florida Department Of Agriculture label— “Pet Food Supplement— not for human consumption.” And she definitely does not want to know that her customers, instead of their pets, are drinking her milk. If someone does tell her this then Milano can’t sell them any raw milk products.

She also takes and stores all the names, addresses and phone numbers of the people she sells to in case the State ever investigates her. She has many more pre-sale requirements listed on her website.

Along with raw-milk she also sells goats-milk soap, handmade art, raw honey, kefir and occasionally fresh raw-milk goat cheese under the  “For Pet Food Consumption Only,” label.

To find out how you can buy her her raw-milk products, soaps or artwork you can email her at or or call her at (561) 422 -9906. 



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