Juice Plus+, Solar Powered Aeroponic Tower, Fla.

Gardening and sunlight go together in a different way with Juice Plus+. They sell aeroponic Tower Gardens.  Plants grow vertically instead of horizontally like for hydroponic systems. "I like this one especially for South Florida because the roots are not underwater," said Juice Plus+ distributor Joe Daugirdas.


"I have a prototype solar powered growing tower," said Daugirdas during an interview at the Sunday morning Royal Palm Green Market. It will harness the energy of the sun directly to power the Growing Tower 's 15-watt water pump.


He also has a solar conversion box style that converts the tower's Alternating Current (AC) needs to Direct Current (DC) so it can be plugged into a solar panel.


At the Royal Palm Beach Green Market he had three 15-watt solar panels set up with an 80-watt inverter. "It is a bit over engineered. The three panels can run a Tower Garden, a cell phone charger, a fan, and two lights," Daugirdas said.


Gel-cell batteries are best for solar systems according to Daugirdas, "This battery can run for two days of tower needs even in cloudy conditions," added Daugirdas.


The Tower Garden is great for growing plants fast because it oxygenates the roots with water and air, "This is five weeks of growth," said Daugirdas pointing to the residential use Tower Garden, "We've been eating off of it all week."


You can buy a residential Tower Garden for $525 or pay $45 month with interest free financing. To find out more about the Tower Garden by Juice Plus+, call Christine Daugirdas at 561-719-1394 or email her at christine@jpfl4u.com


You can also find out more about the Tower Garden by going to




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