Real Sorbet, CLOSED 2014

Real Sorbet, Miami, Florida: Organic, Local and Delicious

I love sorbet, but often the ingredients have disturbingly large carbon footprints. That's not the case with Real Sorbet--a small, family owned sorbet company in Miami-Dade Country, Florida. Nick and Tessa Mencia, the owners, source local, pesticide-free, organic Florida fruit for their recipes.

I met them at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden during a Butterfly Day event. They were very friendly and transparent about their ingredients. Nick told me he sourced Starfruit from a neighbor's garden (Coconut Grove), Lychee from Siggi's Organic Farm (Homestead), and Tamarind from Little River Market Garden (Little Haiti). He said all his ingredients were organic, with sourced from Global Organic Specialty Source Inc. (Sarasota).

I bought some tasty lychee sorbet and Nick served it to me in a biodegradable container with a spoon made from GMO-free corn husk material. He pointed out that his spoons wouldn't leach petrochemicals into the soil.

To find out more about Real Sorbet, you can follow them on Twitter @realsorbet or go to their Facebook page.



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