Rowland's Row Farm, Pastured Eggs, N.C.

Davidson, NC—Rowland’s Row Farm has delicious pastured poultry eggs. These eggs have a delicate buttery flavor with no sulfur aroma. Rowland’s Row Farm, an 18-acre property, started in 2010 with the help of wife/co-farmer Dani Rowland, grows USDA certified organic vegetables.

I met farmer Joe Rowland back in March of this year at the Saturday morning Davidson Farmers’ Market in Davidson, North Carolina.

Rowland said he had 300 hens that he moved to fresh pasture every two to three weeks. He also said his hens were not certified organic but they were antibiotic-free.

I bought one dozen eggs and some sweet potatoes. Both were delicious.

The farm also raises pastured meat birds that are available fresh from now until November.

If you want to learn more about Rowland ‘s Row Farm’s produce and where you can buy their products then go to their website

You can also contact Joe at (704) 575-4915 or



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