Tequesta Green Market, MOVED 2015

Pedal Powered Smoothies at Tequesta Green Market, Fla.

At the Tequesta Green Market, Florida, you can bike for your beverage. At least that's what most of the kids do at the Wheelie Good Smoothie booth.

Jacob rides bike as Danielle Vennett holds onto blender, Wheelie Good Smoothies, Tequesta Green Market, Florida

The bike was a special order from a California based company called Fender Blender. For just $4 you can make your own pedal powered smoothie.

The booth is run by the Burrito Bros. Restaurant in Jupiter. It is a local bicycle riders hangout. The Fender Blender bicycle was just a window display until the Tequesta Green Market started.

I got someone else to blend my berry drink. Maybe next time I power my own.



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