Bayfront Grill House

Uncle Ernie's Bayfront Grill & Brew House

You have to be a local to know where Uncle Ernie's Bayfront Grill & Brew House is. This Florida Panhandle restaurant embraces ocean-to-table practices and passionately supports local fishermen. I found them by accident in October when I went in for lunch and some brews. Uncle Ernie's passion for local seafood meant they would not sell me oysters because there were no local varieties available at the time.

So, I ordered a Fresh Catch Of The Day sandwich made with Florida Gulf caught grouper. It came on a croissant style roll with sautéed mushrooms, fresh tomato, lettuce and pickles.
I wanted to try a flight of beer after my server told me they had some home brew selections. She also told me the Grill was outsourcing their brews to Sweet Water Brewing Company in Georgia but the recipes were all Uncle Ernie's.  I thought their beer flight (sampler) was a bit expensive at $12.99 but decided to order it regardless. Normally beer flights are four to five dollars for four 3oz. glasses of beer.

My server said it would take a bit of time to get the beer to me. This was no problem, the day was pleasant and I was sitting outside on the porch looking out over the water.
Some 10 minutes later my server returned with a tray of 12 small glasses of beer. Uncle Ernie's flight was actually a selection of every beer on tap including three of their own. People at nearby tables stared as she set the glasses on the table in a three by four grid pattern.

The Uncle Ernie's brews were: Innes Pale Ale, Miss Jessie's Lite Blue Brew and Amber Ale.
Innes Pale Ale had a strong flavor of hops, Uncle Ernie's Amber Ale was very smooth and full bodied, and Miss Jessie's Lite Blue Brew, with blueberries, was similar to a pilsner with a very floral smell.

To find out more about Uncle Ernie's Bayfront Grill & Brew House you can visit them at 1151 Bayview Avenue, Panama City, FL 32401 or call (850) 763-8427 or go to their website



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